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Our Mission

We create and distribute test-prep materials for Caribbean secondary school entrance exams.

Our Approach


CaribEd enlists university-level students from well-known institutions in the US (e.g. Harvard) and in the Caribbean (e.g. University of Guyana) who have a deep appreciation for learning and believe that widespread access to education can promote physical and mental wellbeing and allow for economic mobility.

Our team of volunteers come from strong academic backgrounds in Math, Science, Social Science, and English and have a great desire to increase access of education.


We have a network of motivated individuals on-the-ground in the Caribbean listening and observing to what the community is expressing that they need. We are driven by the demands of the people — by what we know is happening, not by what we think is or should be happening.

Our volunteers and partners in the Caribbean help coordinate the printing and distribution of learning resources to different regions in the Caribbean, with a focus on rural regions lacking internet access. We reach these regions by ground, air, and water transportation.


While we focus on providing materials for students in regions lacking internet access, who are the most affected by school closures due to COVID-19, we are also publishing all our materials for free on our website here and providing live support to students, parents, and teachers through WhatsApp and FB Messenger.


"Since the pandemic, schools across our country have been closed, and teachers were asked to provide classes via WhatsApp. This was a great disadvantage for most of our pupils living in the rural areas. Almost 60% of pupils were without internet access, and they were unable to get the school work to prepare themselves for the exams. CaribEd then came on board and provided us with some guides which helped our pupils tremendously. We are thankful for the help, and I hope this team continues doing the great job they are. As a teacher, I support this group 100% and [I] know they will make a difference in the lives of many kids."

— Teacher from Patentia Primary School, West Bank of Demerara, Guyana

"Whatever you did to help my son and all the children was very beneficial in terms of the content. [You gave] the questions [and] provided the answers with explanation[s,] which was very helpful. I was able to cover all of the guidelines with my son in each subject area."

— Parent from Georgetown, Guyana

"Not all [of] the pupils were able to connect since they were away [from] school. [The guides] helped to cater for those pupils who did not have that access. The explanations were great because it allowed for parents to work along with them. Even if they themselves could not handle the content, the explanation[s] helped a lot. It really assisted them, and children actually looked at it even when they were at home. It definitely helped them to recall information."

— Teacher from Canal #1, McGillvary Primary School

"I appreciate your effort in assisting my son for the National Grade 6 Examination 2020. Your free worksheets and website were accessible, and all questions were furnished with answers. This [made] it very simple for parent[s], teachers and pupils to work with. Gratitude is extended to Shawn and his group."

— Parent from Region 6, Guyana


We have 50+ student volunteers from various US and Caribbean universities including Harvard and University of Guyana.


Our materials pertain to secondary school entrance exams administered by the Ministry of Education of Guyana and the Caribbean Examination Council.


Since March, we've written, printed, and distributed over 200,000 pages of guidebooks to rural towns to help students prepare for their exams. ​


Our Guyana Early Education Distribution Campaign 2020

Guyana Emergency Education Campaign 2020


Our Partners

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