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In response to increasing demands for grade six educational content extending beyond exam preparation, CaribEd has decided to produce engaging learning materials for each topic covered in grade six and ultimately testable on grade six exit exams. You will be working alongside your team to write Google Slides and create accompanying screen-casted videos. These resources will be made available online for students with low bandwidth internet who are unable to reliably connect to virtual classrooms. They will also be sent directly to schools and partner organizations who will share the resources using direct file transfer.

All of your slide decks should be created using your CaribEd email account (firstname@caribed.org). Your slide decks should be completely consistent with our formatting and content guidelines, which you can find below in Helpful Resources. You should log into your CaribEd Google account click on the template below, then click file, make a copy, and rename the slide deck according to your topic. Don't forget to make sure this is CREATED with your CaribEd google drive account and added to the shared drive under your team. For slide decks that you receive drafts for along with your assignment, you do not have to create a new slide deck; you can just edit on the preliminary one. Example slide decks for you to reference are also under Helpful Resources.

​As stated in formatting guidelines, your decks should be clear, concise, within the scope of the curriculum, and grounded in examples of previous test questions asked on Caribbean secondary school entrance exams. You can find previous exams that we have created guides for by clicking the Exam Guides tab above. You should download the ones within your subject and use command/control + F to search for previous questions associated with your topic. You should include screenshots of the questions (where they are with a white background on the original test), and you can use the explanation in the guide when writing your verbal transcript. Note that the explanations in exam guides assume no prior knowledge, so you'll need to rewrite the explanations to put them within the context of your topic. Include at least 2 example questions. If you can't find any in any of the previous exams that relate to your topic, you can write two of your own reasonable questions. Additionally, your slide deck should include a verbal transcript in the speaker's notes for each slide, so that your transcript can be reviewed before you begin screen-casting.

Once your deck is approved, you should create your associated screencast by using Zoom. Your screencast should be under 10 minutes (unless granted otherwise by your director) and should be a recorded video talk using Zoom or screen recording on an iPad or tablet. In Zoom, you should simply share your screen and record the presentation. Don't have your video on! The presentation should not deviate from the slide deck and speaker notes which were approved by your director.

For math, CaribEd has sets of preliminary slide decks in Google Slides to serve as a starting point for your work. These decks were created before our content guidelines were determined, so they are not ready for deployment to students lacking resources. Your final decks should be substantially different than the ones you receive links to via email, and they should be effective in helping 11- and 12- year olds learn material tested on secondary school entrance exams while at home without resources.

This week, you'll be receiving preliminary slide-decks created for each subtopic within the math curriculum. Your task for this week is to create slide decks for the math sub-topics by using the current materials as a rough draft. You should review the scope to which your topic can be tested at this curriculum breakdown for math posted by the Ministry of Education. Pay particular attention to the "knowledge," "skills," and "content" columns for the row associated with your topic.

Check for deadlines with the assignments spreadsheet located under helpful resources and the google shared drive. Following your submission, your director will leave comments on edits to your slide deck.

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In everything CaribEd-related, communication is critical. You should make sure to download the Slack app and turn on notifications on your devices. If you haven't already, you can join our workspace here (make sure you're a member of your team's channel). In addition, make sure to share your phone number with your director in case you need to be reached quickly. This organization is a venture within the Harvard Innovation Labs "Build-It" Incubation Program, and we are constantly adapting to the needs of our users and partners. It's extremely important that you remain engaged to receive the latest information.

In any content that you make with CaribEd, please make sure it is created with your CaribEd account. This is extremely important.

This organization is currently using a company Google Workspace. At this time, your materials should be saved within the appropriate Google Shared Drive folder for your team, which will be associated with your CaribEd Google account.

Your team may use Asana to keep track of deadlines. To access Asana, there is an email in your CaribEd inbox. Check with your content director and stay organized. Remember deadlines are on the assignments sheet as well.

You can keep track of deadlines by following this calendar or checking the assignments sheets.

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